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Be a Part of this Campaign

I consider myself to be fortunate to work with some of the finest public servants in the state, if not the nation. The team at the Polk County Sheriff's Office are dedicated to their mission of protecting the citizens of our county and maintaining a safe community for families and businesses to prosper. As Sheriff, I am committed to upholding the law and individual rights; to protecting the community and every individual's freedoms. 


I take this office very seriously and look forward to continuing as your Sheriff for the next four years. However, before that happens, there is a campaign to win. So, I am asking you to help me win this campaign by making a donation of any size that you are comfortable with. 

Your contribution will go toward some of the essentials needed to highlight my candidacy and accomplishments.  Postcards, signs, social media marketing, and other resources will be purchased with these funds and ensure we put forth a successful effort. 

Can you please make a donation today? 

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